ESO Seeks Cooperation in Developing a Central Directory of Establishments

"The Economic and Statistics Office (ESO)"

The Economic and Statistics Office (ESO) has a statutory responsibility to respond to the needs of the local community for socio-economic data and in compliance with international standards, particularly those of the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations.
In an attempt to conduct economic surveys in the most efficient manner, the ESO has been updating a household register twice a year. It is also currently establishing a central directory of establishments for the Cayman Islands consisting of business enterprises, non-government organizations and government entities. The objective of the establishment directory is to have the widest representation of all sectors contributing to the Cayman Islands’ economy. The directory was initially prepared by ESO based on the trade and business listings from the government and other sources. ESO is now moving onto the next phase of updating and completing this directory.
ESO is seeking the kind cooperation of all establishments in the Cayman Islands by providing the necessary data in the Central Directory of Establishments questionnaire.
ESO assures that the questionnaire is protected under the Statistics Law (1996 revision, paragraph 17) as confidential data.
For further information regarding the questionnaire, the public may contact Theodore Thompson through [email protected] or at telephone 244-1612 or by fax at 949 -8782.